You Have to See George Clooney Recite the Lyrics to BTS’ ‘Dynamite’

Did George Clooney just join the ARMY?

On Friday night (Feb. 26), as part of a virtual celebration for W’s annual Best Performances Issue, one of the magazine’s cover stars, George Clooney, performed a Lyrical Improv reading of BTS’ first Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit “Dynamite.” And it’s exactly as reverential as fans would hope.

“Hello, I’m Brad Pitt,” Clooney says with a straight face in the introduction. “And I’m going to read ‘Dynamite’ by BTS.”

He mostly gives the song a pretty straightforward reading in the Lynn Hirschberg-directed video, save for a few asides, like when he reads the lyric “Jump up to the top, LeBron” and adds: “And we know who that is.” But the best part of the black-and-white video has to be when he turns the page and says “Oh, Jesus” as he encounters the “Dy-na-na-na-na-na-mite” portion of the song. Like any seasoned actor, he soldiers through.

You can watch the full thing for yourself below, and check out Clooney’s W cover story, which celebrates his performance in The Midnight Sky.