The New Science Of Superfans

The Fan Data Goldmine

New tech that allows artists to interact with superfans — and turn their data into dollars — promises to open long-term revenue streams. Read more.


Turning Fan Data Into Hits

Analytics from streaming services and the major label groups are increasingly able to deliver numbers-backed answers to questions that once required gut calls. Here’s how artists and their reps are harnessing this information. Read more.


How Subscription Platforms Have Become Revenue-Generating, Real-Time Fan Clubs

In the absence of touring, Patreon, OnlyFans and a handful of startups have experienced explosive growth as artists turn to them to make up for lost revenue. But what happens when concerts resume? Read more.


From Beatlemania To Beliebers: The Business Of Fan Clubs In The Superfan Era

Fandoms are no longer about stickers and promotional photos. Artists are using their most enthusiastic followers to help make key decisions about release dates, tour launches and merch, to spread the word about key developments and to generate revenue through membership fees. Read more.