Olivia Rodrigo Calls Taylor Swift the ‘Kindest Individual’ After Getting a ‘Red’ Ring

It’s been a pretty epic month for Olivia Rodrigo. After her “biggest celebrity crush” Pete Davidson compared her to her idol Taylor Swift in a Saturday Night Live sketch during her birthday week and an earlier “Drivers License” co-sign and sweet letter from Swift based on Olivia’s favorite lyrics from the Evermore track “Long Story Short,” things got even more bananas.

Swift, known for sending thoughtful gifts to friends and fans, gave the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series breakout star another prezzie she will cherish forever. “She is absolutely the kindest individual in the whole world,” Rodrigo told SiriusXM Hits on Wednesday’s (March 3) Morning Mash Up. “Actually last night, like literally like 12 hours ago, I got a package from her with this like handwritten note. And she gave me this ring because she said she wore one just like it when she wrote Red and she wanted me to have one like it and I, and like all of this amazing stuff, she’s like hand-wrapped these gifts.”

Swift has already been incredibly sweet to Rodrigo, 18, like the time recently when “License” slipped in just below a pair of Tay’s songs on the charts and Taylor totally noticed. Rodrigo celebrated on Instagram by writing, “next to Taylor on the us i tunes chart i’m in a puddle of tears,” she wrote, with Swift replying in comment, “I say that’s my baby and I’m really proud.”

Frankly, Olivia just doesn’t know how Taylor does it, telling the Mash Up team, “I truly like don’t understand where she finds the time. First of all. But like also I feel so lucky that I just like was born at the right time to be able to look up to somebody like her. I think she’s incredible. All of her support and like genuine, like compassion and excitement for me is just been so, so surreal.”

Watch Rodrigo talk about the ring below.