Metallica, ‘Beetlejuice’ & More: Here Are the Coolest 2020 Halloween Music Light Shows

Halloween looks a bit different this year due to the global pandemic, with trick-or-treating, parties and concerts all paused.

Thankfully, a number of creative families have put together entertainment that can be enjoyed safely from a distance. Transforming their entire properties into colorful, stunning light shows, houses across the nation have put the fun back into spooky season (no matter how scary this year may seem).

We at Billboard have compiled our favorite light shows this year. See them below.

1. Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” – Magical Light Shows

2. Beetlejuice – Fitz Studios

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas’ “This Is Halloween” – Riverside Halloween Light Show House

4. AJR’s “Bang!” – Edwards Landing Lights

5. The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s “The Time Warp” – Allen Family Lights

6. Michael Jackson Medley – Carpenter Halloween Light Show