Japan’s Mrs. GREEN APPLE Celebrates 5th Anniversary With ‘Animal Crossing’ Island & Greatest Hits CD

J-pop band Mrs. GREEN APPLE recently celebrated its fifth anniversary with fans in a very 2020 way: They created a special band-themed island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the popular Nintendo Switch game keeping players around the world busy during this period of social distancing.

To commemorate the fifth anniversary of Mrs. GREEN APPLE’s major-label debut on Wednesday (July 8), the five-member band’s team set up a virtual “Mrs. Island” with five houses packed full of memorabilia and decorations looking back on the band’s history since its formation seven years ago, referred to as “Phase 1″ by the band.

The release of Mrs. GREEN APPLE’s first greatest hits collection, simply called 5, on Wednesday (July 8) marks the end of “Phase 1″ of the band’s career.

Over 10,000 fans applied for a chance to become one of the 30 visitors allowed to explore Mrs. Island for a limited time. The lucky players were able to check out the CD jackets of all of the band’s releases as well as the members’ apparel from the official photos from each era, tucked into each house designed to match those photos.

The island also offered a photo-op location featuring the likeness of the band’s most recent photo linked to their upcoming best-of album, a scenic point with all of their past CDs on display, plus an outdoor stage where the visitor could pretend to be part of the band. And of course, there were plenty of apple trees and apples peppered throughout the island.

For the majority of fans who couldn’t visit Mrs. Island, the band has released the custom design download codes for a limited-edition T-shirt with the cover art for 5, the 25 different fashion designs on display, and the CD jacket for the 5 COMPLETE BOX.