Here’s Why Frank Ocean Inspired Yara Shahidi to Get Tattoos

Yara Shahidi is a huge fan of Frank Ocean’s. So much so, that the actress and activist revealed how the singer influenced her to get inked up.

In Vogue’s latest “73 Questions” installment, Shahidi admitted that she listens to music “every moment of the day,” while showing off her impressive vinyl record collection.

When asked if she has a tattoo inspired by Ocean, the grown-ish star had to clarify. “OK, so I have tattoos because of Frank Ocean, but they’re all inspired by different things,” she explained, before pointing out a lyric from the singer’s Chanel title track, in which he boasts, “Hide my tattoos in Shibuya.”

“I heard that, I was 16, I hadn’t had tattoos yet and so when I got tattoos, I was like, ‘When I got to Shibuya, now I have something to hide,” Shahidi continued.

What makes her such a big Ocean supporter? “His artistry and his work ethic, but also I’d have to say his music is so ripe with cultural references,” she replied. “Whether it be Kerry James Marshall or somebody else, it’s oftentimes an entry point to learn about other artists.”

Watch the full “73 Questions” segment below.