Dave Grohl, His Mom & Jill Biden All Agree That Teachers Are ‘Rockstars’

Just days before next week’s presidential election, Dave Grohl and his mother Ginny sat down (virtually) with Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s wife Jill to discuss the importance of education.

“I was raised by a school teacher, so I knew as a child how hard my mother worked, not just at the school, but within the community,” Grohl says at the beginning of the four-minute clip.

“The teachers are the rockstars,” Biden proclaims, to which the Foo Fighters star wholeheartedly agrees. “I have always felt that way,” he shares with a laugh.

Grohl has been an outspokenly anti-Trump since the 2016 election, most recently slamming the President’s administration for the handling of the coronavirus and the rushed re-opening of schools.

“When it comes to the daunting and evermore politicized question of reopening schools amid the coronavirus pandemic, the worry for our children is paramount,” Grohl said in an episode of Dave’s True Stories titled “In Defense of Our Teachers.” “Yet, teachers are also confronted with a whole new set of dilemmas that most people would not consider. ‘There’s so much more to be addressed than just opening the doors and sending them back home,’ my mother tells me over the phone. Now, 82 and retired, she runs down a list of concerns based on her 35 years of experience. Masks and distancing, temperature checks, crowded bussing, crowded hallways, sports, air conditioning systems, lunchrooms, public restrooms, janitorial staff. Most schools already struggle from a lack of resources. How could they possibly afford the mountain of safety measures that will need to be in place?”