Cardi B Sprays Whipshots Into Fans’ Mouths, Rocks a Rainbow Bodysuit at West Hollywood Pride

Cardi B surprised fans at the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade on Sunday (June 5) and, as expected, she brought the party by giving attendees shots of Whipshots, her vodka-infused whipped cream collaboration with Starco Brands.

Rocking a sparkling rainbow bodysuit and a blonde wig with red and purple streaks, the “I Like It” rapper was seen dancing on a float as she sprayed her alcohol-infused snack into the mouths of onlookers.

“When I woke up today, ‘letting Cardi B put it in my mouth’ wasn’t on my to-do list, but you always gotta be prepared for the opportunities that come your way,” one fan hilariously wrote on Twitter alongside a photo of their interaction with Cardi.

In another video shared to Twitter, Cardi is onstage at a club, where she encourages one onstage fan to lick some Whipshot off another attendee’s butt cheek and subsequently cheers into the microphone after.

Pride Month is part celebration, part activism for the LGBTQ+ community that takes place throughout the month of June, rooted in the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, when police raided a popular gay bar called The Stonewall Inn in New York City’s West Village. While police raids were common in gay bars at the time, on June 28, 1969, the patrons fought back, launching the days-long Stonewall Riots. The first Pride parade occurred one year later, in 1970.

Every June is filled with parades, protests and drag performances, plus memorials and celebrations of life for those who lost their lives to HIV/AIDS, in an effort to support and uplift the LGBTQ+ community. For more information and resources, check out’s website here.