10 Standout Moments From J-Hope’s Historic Lollapalooza Set

When J-Hope joined the Lollapalooza lineup as a new headliner, the BTS member had already made history as the first Korean artist to headline a major U.S. music festival. But the star didn’t rest on those historic laurels when putting together his 70-minute set.

J-Hope’s headlining set for the famous Chicago festival — nicknamed #HOBIPALOOZA by Twitter fans since its announcement — was a more extensive representation of different aspects that make up the star. Viewers got to see J-Hope’s electrifying onstage persona, his respect for hip-hop, the social messages he believes in, his humility, and much more.

“I pour my heart and my soul into my music,” J-Hope told the crowd early into his set. “Even if we speak different languages, I hope you listen to my story.”

Get a sense of that larger story with 10 standout moments from J-Hope’s history-making set.

1. The literal Jack in the Box introduction

In J-Hope’s first major performance for Jack in the Box, the BTS star kicked off by bringing his solo album to life. After the lyrics of the album “Intro” played across the massive LED screens, fireworks shot into the Chicago night sky, and J-Hope jumped out of his own box to take centerstage of the gigantic Bud Light stage.

2. The live band opening with “More”

Already heavy on the percussion and guitar elements, the opening track “More” was uplifted with the live band backing J-Hope on his Lolla debut. With a bassist, drummer, guitarist and keyboardist behind him, #HOBIPALOOZA was that much more musically special.

3. The cursing!

J-Hope wasn’t just wiling out with his performance, but we got multiple moments where the K-pop star got playful and let his mouth run wild too. Something was so cool but cute, as the star told the crowd, “You guys are f—ing crazy” with a huge smile on his face. The affirming screams all pointed to the crowd loving it as well.

4. A BTS “Cypher” moment

Some of the best moments in a BTS concert are when the group performs one of their “Cypher” tracks, which they’ve recorded since their earliest releases in 2013. J-Hope took it back to the group’s O!RUL8,2? album by performing “BTS Cypher Pt.1” for, as J-Hope said, “the older A.R.M.Y. out there.” But the crowd’s electric reaction as he began showed that everyone enjoyed the inclusion.

5. Paying respect to hip-hop greats

Throughout their careers, BTS has done a great job at showing love to the hip-hop artists that have inspired them. One of the standout tracks on Jack in the Box, “What If…,” samples the classic Ol’ Dirty Bastard single “Shimmy Shimmy Ya,” and J-Hope included a tribute to the late Wu-Tang Clan rapper by showing his picture on stage as the song began.

Later in the set, after performing his solo single “Chicken Noodle Soup,” the K-pop star also shouted out DJ Webstar and Young B, the artists who originally released the song this track samples. J-Hope didn’t just make the night about himself, but about the artists that helped allow him to be on that stage.

6. The social messages in “Equal Sign”

Another standout on Jack in the Box is the anthem “=(Equal Sign)” which includes lyrics like, “Hate’ll paralyze your mind/ Gotta see the other side/ It costs ya nothin’ to be kind.” J-Hope took a mic stand to sing the song centerstage as powerful statements were shown like “All Our Bodies Deserve Respect,” “Why’s It a Crime to Be Different?” and “Let’s Come Together.”

BTS has stood apart from their peers by never shying away from important social messages. It was powerful to see J-Hope sing this track with pertinent messages for the thousands (if not millions, including the live streams) watching him live.

7. His remixed “Dynamite” return

After a quick outfit change, J-Hope popped back on stage (through his onstage jack in the box, once again) with a troupe of dancers for a choreography-heavy performance of the tropical remix to BTS’ Hot 100 No. 1 “Dynamite.” With his backup dancers and during solo moments, J-Hope got to spotlight his dance skills and reset the mood.

8. Becky G‘s surprise appearance

Becky G made a surprise appearance for J-Hope to give the first-ever live performance of their collaboration “Chicken Noodle Soup.” Becky didn’t miss a beat of the trilingual track’s playful choreography and showed why this set was a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

9. Becky’s sweet speech

After their “CNS” performance, Becky G took a moment to show her appreciation for her collaborator. “As an artist, this moment right here means so much to me,” she told the crowd. “So much to me because I’m not only so honored to be here, but also so proud. I’m so proud of you, [J-Hope]; I’m so thankful for our friendship and for this opportunity.”

The tender moment culminated with a big hug between the two, who undoubtedly recognized the importance of this major festival moment as artists who don’t operate in the traditional musical mainstream.

10. Shoutouts to the band, dancers and A.R.M.Y

No one would hold it against J-Hope if he was overwhelmed with emotions or excitement by the end of his set. Still, the star showed his professionalism and humility by making sure to introduce and thank all the members of his band and his dancers, giving them a moment in the spotlight on stage. And, of course, he couldn’t end without thanking his A.R.M.Y. fans, who lit up Chicago’s Grant Park with their lightstick bongs.

Bonus: J-Hope and Jimin’s live stream afterward

After #HOBIPALOOZA and the rest of Lollapalooza officially ended, J-Hope hopped on the group’s V Live account to hold a live stream with fans and BTS member Jimin, who was in attendance in Chicago. Jimin showered his band mate with praise — including pointing out how cool he was for swearing — and the two celebrated the milestone with their fans.

Jamie T Bags First U.K. No. 1 With ‘The Theory of Whatever’

Some 15 years after his breakthrough, Jamie T is now a U.K. chart topper.

The Wimbledon-born indie rock artist blasts to No. 1 with The Theory of Whatever (Polydor), for his fifth successive Top 5, following his 2007 debut Panic Prevention (No. 4), 2009’s Kings & Queens (No. 2), 2014’s Carry on the Grudge (No. 4) and 2016’s Trick (No. 3)

Theory is his first leader on the Official U.K. Albums Chart, and it’s the week’s best-seller on wax.

Meanwhile, Jack White also bags a fifth Top 5 entry with Entering Heaven Alive (Third Man), following 2012’s leader Blunderbuss, 2014’s Lazaretto (No. 4), 2018’s Boarding House Reach (No. 5) and his first album release from 2022, Fear of the Dawn (No. 3). Heaven starts at No. 4.

The King is closing in on a return to the U.K. Top 10. Elvis Presley’s career retrospective ELV1S – 30 Number 1 (RCA) lifts 24-13, fueled by Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic. ELV1S topped the chart upon its release in 2002, and is one of the late singing legend’s 53 Top 10 appearances on the U.K. albums tally.

Further down the list, ‘80s pop outfit Bananarama peel away their highest U.K. chart position in 34 years with Masquerade (In Synk), their twelfth studio effort. It’s new at No. 22. Masquerade is the sixth Top 40 appearance for the “Cruel Summer” singers, now a duo of Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward, and the followup to 2019’s In Stereo (peaking at No. 29).

Also new to the chart this week is Brighton indie rock band The Kooks, as Echo in the Dark (Lonely Cat) bows at No. 32. It’s the Kooks’ seventh U.K. Top 40 appearance.

Diane Warren Says She ‘Meant No Disrespect’ to Beyoncé After Questioning Number of Writers on Her Songs

Songwriter Diane Warren came under fire on Monday (August 1) after seemingly calling out Beyoncé for her latest album, Renaissance, of which each song has a number of writing credits due to her use of throwback samples and interpolations.

“How can there be 24 writers on a song? [eye roll emoji],” Warren — who has written songs for stars like Cher, Celine Dion and Bey herself — tweeted, before adding, “This isn’t meant as shade, I’m just curious.”

While Beyoncé wasn’t directly mentioned, fans widely believed that the jab was directed towards the 28-time Grammy winner, whose new track “Alien Superstar,” for example, is credited to more than 20 writers.

Singer-songwriter The-Dream chimed in on the heated discussion that ensued in the original tweet’s replies, writing, “You mean how’s does our (Black) culture have so many writers, well it started because we couldn’t afford certain things starting out, so we started sampling and it became an Artform, a major part of the Black Culture (hip hop) in America. Had that era not happen who knows. U good?”

In response, Warren wrote, “I didn’t mean that as an attack or as disrespect. I didn’t know this, thank U for making me aware of it. No need to be mean about it.”

Soon after the backlash, Warren had a change of heart, tweeting out, “Ok, it’s prob samples that add up the ammount of writerrs [sic],” before referring to Bey directly. “Ok, I meant no disrespect to @Beyonce, who I’ve worked with and admire. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.”

See below.

Watch North West Transform Mom Kim Kardashian Into a Minion

North West brought out her creative and goofy side while hanging out with her mom, Kim Kardashian, on Monday (Aug. 1).

The nine-year-old daughter of the SKIMS founder and Kanye West took part in a TikTok trend in which participants use makeup to transform their subject into a Minion from the Despicable Me franchise.

In the clip shared to the duo’s “Kim and North” TikTok page, North uses colorful makeup palettes and covers her mom’s face in yellow makeup, going on to draw the popular animated characters’ iconic goggles and topping off the look with a shimmery blue lip. Kardashian poses in her glam at the end of the video, throwing up a peace sign and puckering her lips.

“MOMMY MINION,” the reality TV star’s daughter captioned the adorable mother-daughter moment.

Last month, North made headlines when she improvised a straightforward way of telling off photographers at a Paris Fashion Week runway show while seated in the front row with her mom.

In a moment captured by a now viral video from the show, North stares into the camera of one person taking a video of her. Without smiling, she holds up a piece of paper with one word written on it in pencil: “Stop.”

“For anyone who knows North knows how funny she finds this video!” Kardashian wrote about the moment in a July 7 tweet. “North I guess had it with the people taking pictures of her.”

“She wrote on her invite STOP and held it up,” she continued. “And wanted them to just focus on the show.”

Cyndi Lauper Joins Amazon Series ‘The Horror of Dolores Roach’

Cyndi Lauper is making a return to acting with a role in the upcoming Amazon series The Horror of Dolores Roach.

As reported by Variety on Monday (August 1), the half-hour series will star Justine Machado as the eponymous Dolores Roach, an ex-con who is “released from prison after 16 years and returns to a severely-gentrified Washington Heights with $200 and the clothes on her back. Her boyfriend missing, her family long gone, Dolores reunites with an old stoner buddy Luis who gives her room and board and lets her give massages for cash in the basement under his dilapidated storefront Empanada Loca, the only remnant of her former life.

“When the promise of her newfound stability is quickly threatened, ‘Magic Hands Dolores’ is driven to shocking extremes to survive,” the description continues, “and in the face of unexpected professional success, Dolores and Luis become dangerously symbiotic, and Luis must unleash his own peculiar predilections.”

Lauper will portray Ruthie, a Broadway usher who spends her nights moonlighting as a private detective and ends up creating a whole lot of trouble for the protagonist.

Based on the popular podcast of the same name, the series is also set to star Alejandro Hernandez, Kita Updike, K. Todd Freeman, Marc Maron, Jean Yoon, Judy Reyes, and Jeffery Self and is being produced by Blumhouse Television, Spotify Studios, and GloNation Studios for Amazon.

In May, Lauper announced that her career would be receiving the big-screen treatment with a new full-length documentary titled Let the Canary Sing from Sony Music Entertainment’s Premium Content Division.

Prince Estate Court Battle Finally Ends, Six Years Later

A Minnesota judge on Monday signed off on a deal that will finally end the long court battle over Prince’s $156 million estate, more than six years after the iconic rocker died without a will.

Rolled out at a hearing Friday, the agreement paves the way for disbursement of Prince’s assets, including $6 million in cash and many times that in music rights and other intangibles. They’ll be split between three heirs and their families, their advisers, and Primary Wave — which owns roughly half of the estate.

Prince died of a fentanyl overdose in April 2016 at the age of 57. Though legendary for his tight control over his intellectual property rights, the iconic artist died without a will, sparking a complex process known as probate in which courts decide how to disperse a deceased person’s estate.

Because Prince died with no children or spouse, his six half-siblings were named legal heirs. Three have since sold all or most of their shares to Primary Wave; three others have retained their stakes. Advisors L. Londell McMillan and Charles Spicer, who are partnered with the three heirs who declined to sell, also control an undisclosed stake. A bank, Comerica Bank & Trust, was named as a court-appointed administrator, handling the estate’s affairs while the probate case was litigated.

After years of messy wrangling among those parties, the last major hurdle was cleared in January with when the heirs reached a deal with the Internal Revenue Service to set a final tax valuation $156 million. Then in February, the judge overseeing the case approved a basic structure for how the assets would be split between the heirs and Primary Wave.

With those problems out of the way, all that remained was to convert Prince’s holdings into limited liability companies – a step being taken to limit the estate’s tax exposure – and to create a so-called management plan for how the two camps of heirs would work together to administer music and other jointly-held assets.

Those tasks apparently complete, Friday’s deal saw Prince’s cash and various holding companies split evenly between a holding company called Prince Legacy LLC (the heirs plus McMillan and Spicer, and managed by McMillan’s NorthStar Group) and Prince Oat Holdings LLC (Primary Wave). It also cleared a path for Comerica to be discharged as the administrator, after certain closing tasks are completed.

In a statement to Billboard, a rep for Primary Wave said the company was “extremely pleased that the process of closing the Prince Estate has now been finalized.”

“Prince was an iconic superstar and this transfer out of the court’s jurisdiction puts in place professional, skilled management,” Primary Wave said. “When we announced our acquisition of the additional expectancy interests in the estate last year bringing our ownership interest to 50%, our goal was to protect and grow Prince’s incomparable legacy. With the distribution of estate assets, we look forward to a strong and productive working relationship.”

In their own statement, McMillan said that he and his partners were “relieved and thrilled to finally be done with the Probate Court system and bankers who do not know the music business and did not know Prince” and were looking forward to “implementing things the way Prince did.”

“I represented Prince for over 13 years and we led with innovation to reform the music industry – we hope to do the same with his amazing assets and catalog, from his music, film content, exhibits, merchandise, Paisly Park events, branded products and more,” McMillan said in an email. “It is a historical and very exciting time. Prince is almost free to rest now…”

Read the full order here: