Hear Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett’s Reunion Single ‘I Get a Kick Out of You’

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are back together again, just in time for Bennett’s 95th birthday.

On Tuesday (Aug. 3) — the same day as Bennett’s birthday — the pair announced their Cole Porter tribute album Love for Sale, out Oct. 1, and released the first single from the project, “I Get a Kick Out of You.”

The album — which is set to be Bennett’s final studio recording, following his Alzheimer’s diagnosis — is a follow-up to the duo’s Billboard 200-topping Cheek to Cheek album in 2014, which won the Grammy for best traditional pop vocal album.

“I Get a Kick Out of You” debuted in Porter’s Anything Goes musical in 1934 and has been covered by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Dolly Parton in the decades since. Gaga and Bennett’s new version keeps the original lyrics referencing cocaine intact, though they’ve often been substituted over the years, with Bennett crooning: “Some get a kick from cocaine/ I’m sure that if I took even one sniff/ That would bore me terrifically too/ Yet, I get a kick out of you.”

On Tuesday night, Gaga and Bennett are set to play a sold-out Radio City Music Hall concert and return to the venue for another show Thursday. A video for “I Get a Kick Out of You” will debut Friday at noon ET.

Listen to “I Get a Kick Out of You” and see the full Love for Sale track list below:

Love for Sale track list:

It’s De-Lovely
Night and Day
Love for Sale
Do I Love You
I Concentrate on You
I Get a Kick Out of You
So In Love
Let’s Do It
Just One of Those Things
Dream Dancing
I’ve Got You Under My Skin (deluxe version)
You’re The Top (deluxe version)

Taylor Swift Applauds Simone Biles’ Return to Olympics: ‘We All Learned From You’

Taylor Swift is cheering on Simone Biles during her grand return to the Tokyo Summer Olympics on Tuesday (Aug. 3) with a brand-new NBC promo.

Biles, who is the most decorated gymnast of all time, made a (spoiler alert!) medal-winning comeback early Tuesday morning after withdrawing from her previous events last week citing mental health issues. The 24-year-old athlete took home bronze in the balance beam, which will air as part of NBC’s primetime coverage Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

“What do we want from our heroes?” Swift asks in the promo, supporting NBC’s coverage of the games. “What do we expect from them? What do we need from them? What happens when they surprise us? When you have the attention of the world, everything you do takes on a bigger meaning. It can be a heavy burden. It can be a chance to change everything.”

“This Is Me Trying” from Swift’s 2020 album of the year Grammy winner Folklore plays in the background of the new video, while the Team USA gymnast’s own interview snippet captures what she stands for: “Put mental health first because it shows how strong of a competitor and person that you really are.”

“Throughout the last week, her voice has been as significant as her talents,” Swift continues her narration. “Her honesty as beautiful as the perfection that had long been her signature. But don’t you see? It still is. She is perfectly human. And that’s what makes it so easy to call her a hero. Simone Biles, back on the beam, in Tokyo.”

Biles was touched by the personal promo, tweeting, “I’m crying how special. I love you @taylorswift13.” Swift responded: “I cried watching YOU. I feel so lucky to have gotten to watch you all these years, but this week was a lesson in emotional intelligence and resilience. We all learned from you. Thank you.”

Last week, the pop superstar narrated another NBC promo, soundtracked by the title track of her 2020 Evermore album with Bon Iver, that hyped fans up for the women’s gymnastics individual all-around competition. Justin Bieber also stood in support of Biles pulling out from the competition to focus on her mental health by posting her picture on Instagram last Wednesday and writing, “Nobody will ever understand the pressures you face! I know we don’t know each other but I’m so proud of the decision to withdraw…. Sometimes our no’s are more powerful than our yes’s.”

Watch the promo clip as well as Biles’ and Swift’s touching exchange below.

Britney Spears Tells the Wild Story of Locking Herself in the Bathroom

Don’t go knockin’ on Britney Spears’ bathroom door unless you intend on breaking it down and rescuing her.

The pop superstar shared the craziest late-night tale of when she tried taking a bath at 2 a.m. … and accidentally locked herself in the bathroom. She spared no detail in the caption of her Instagram post from Tuesday (Aug. 3) which, indeed, eventually reveals the happy ending of how she was finally freed.

After glancing over at her “gross” leftover coffee from earlier that morning (key detail here, folks), Spears was ready to make her way to the other bathroom in search of her face wash. “Then I went to leave and the door was locked,” the “Oops!…I Did It Again” singer wrote. “I thought ok well it’s a bathroom, I can open the damn door … no, the lock was stuck !!!! I got locked in the f—ing bathroom and my boyfriend was sleeping.”

She yelled out for her boyfriend Sam Asghari — whom she claimed can sleep through earthquakes — four times before he eventually got up and asked what the issue was. Although his trusty pen didn’t do the trick in unlocking the door, the 39-year-old singer eventually called her security to get her out.

“I cleaned the bathroom and thought about taking a shower or something but then I saw it … the door … I just looked at it for the first time with a yearning of just wanting it to open … would my eyes trick me and make it happen faster ???” she pondered further down the caption. “My eyes widened and the door was more clear … more vast … I could see it with clarity and brightness … please open door !!!!”

Her exhaustion seemed to be catching up to her in the moment, but Spears praised the stale bathroom coffee that “re-energized” her and helped her regain the stamina she needed to wait the extra 45 minutes it took for her security detail to rescue her from the bathroom.

Read Spears’ entire 2 a.m. tale below.

Selena Gomez Calls Out ‘Tasteless’ Kidney Transplant Joke on ‘The Good Fight’

If you’re wondering how there is yet another television joke about Selena Gomez’s kidney transplant, Selena Gomez is too.

The pop star/actress’ fans have been calling out the Paramount+ series The Good Fight (a spin-off of CBS’ The Good Wife) for a joke in its new season about Gomez’s 2017 kidney transplant, not even a year after Peacock’s Saved by the Bell reboot landed in hot water for the very same thing.

In the Good Fight episode, Jay (played by Nyambi Nyambi) says it seems like people “need a permission slip to tell a joke” and asks what topics are completely off-limits, with Jim (Ifadansi Rashad) responding, “Selena Gomez’s kidney transplant.”

On Tuesday (Aug. 3), Gomez took to Twitter to call out the “tasteless” line. “I am not sure how writing jokes about organ transplants for television shows has become a thing but sadly it has apparently,” she wrote. “I hope in the next writer’s room when one of these tasteless jokes are presented it’s called out immediately and doesn’t make it on air.”

She went on to thank fans for always having her back and also urged followers to become organ donors and provided a link to sign up.

In the Saved by the Bell reboot, which premiered in November 2020, two high school students were seen arguing about who the donor was for Gomez’s kidney transplant. “I know for a fact that Selena Gomez’s kidney donor was Justin Bieber’s mom. God, I wish that I had my phone so that I could prove it,” one character says. The other student replies, “Prove what? That you’re an idiot? It was Demi Lovato’s kidney. They’re best friends, like you and I were.” In a later scene, the words “Does Selena Gomez even have a kidney?” were written near some lockers on the walls of the high school. The show later apologized, made a donation to The Selena Gomez Fund for Lupus Research at USC and removed the scenes from the Peacock series.

Gomez has lived with Lupus for many years and underwent a kidney transplant in 2017, later revealing that the donor was her best friend Francia Raisa, who responded to the Saved by the Bell producers’ apology back in November: “Appreciate the apology but let’s not forget about the donors that potentially felt offended and dismissed from the spray paint written on the wall.”

Billie Eilish Brings ‘Male Fantasy’ to the Bedroom for Vevo Live Performance: Watch

Billie Eilish strips down “Male Fantasy” for a new Vevo Live performance in support of her latest LP Happier Than Ever.

The pop star performed the album’s closer in an intimate bedroom setting, where the singer, wearing a white cutout sweater and blue dress, planted herself at the edge of a golden bed. Her brother and hitmaker-in-crime Finneas accompanied her on acoustic guitar from a different corner of the room.

“‘Cause I loved you then, and I love you now/ And I don’t know how/ Guess it’s hard to know when nobody else comes around/ If I’m getting over you/ Or just pretending to/ Be all right, convince myself I hate you,” she gently whispers the chorus during the therapeutic display.

Her “Male Fantasy” performance arrives after her inaugural “Your Power” Vevo Live performance and on the heels of her highly anticipated sophomore album Happier Than Ever, which was released last Friday via Darkroom/Interscope Records.

“All of us at Vevo have been huge fans of Billie for years and love working with her. We got to collaborate with her so closely on these Official Live Performances evident in how much they blend with her aesthetic and the creative sound of this new material,” JP Evangelista, Vevo’s senior vice president of content, programming & marketing, said in a statement. “Billie is always so involved in the vision of her music videos, and her detailed input is a huge part of what makes these performances special. It’s been such a pleasure watching her blossom into the superstar that she is today, from her first music videos, to very intimate fan shows, Billie is truly one of a kind. We look forward to more successful future collaborations.”

Watch Eilish’s Vevo Live performance of “Male Fantasy” below:

Fetty Wap Mourns Death of 4-Year-Old Daughter Lauren: ‘I Love You to the Moon & Back’

Fetty Wap is remembering his 4-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell with a touching tribute on social media.

The “Trap Queen” rapper honored his “mini me” by posting a beaming photo of her via Instagram on Tuesday (Aug. 3). “Hey mini me (My Twin),” he captioned the post with heart and butterfly emojis. “‘ I love you to the moon and back forever and ever bestfriend. ‘”

He also went on Instagram Live to celebrate her life, calling her “my shorty” and kissing her photo that he was holding up. The 30-year-old artist also encouraged his followers in the emotional video to post butterflies in the comments section because she loved them so much even though “she sweared she was a mermaid,” he concluded with a lighthearted comment.

Lauren’s mother, Turquoise Miami, broke the heartbreaking news of Lauren’s death on Saturday by sharing a short clip of her daughter flashing her signature smile while swimming in a pool. “This is my amazing ,beautiful , funny , vibrant, loving ,talented , smart and hardheaded princess mermaid Aquarius,” she wrote. “If you see this post scrolling by with her comment or just say to yourself ‘ i love you LAUREN ‘because they say that souls can feel your love #rip.”

The cause of her death is unknown.

The weekend before last, the rap veteran wrote on his Instagram Story that he dedicated his Rolling Loud Miami performance to his late daughter. “Lolo daddy did that sh– for you last night baby girl,” he wrote followed by the butterfly, dove and heart emojis.

Lauren was Fetty’s only child with Miami. He has five other children: Aydin, 10; Zaviera, 6; Khari, 5; Amani, 5; and Zy, 3. He posted up with all six of his children on Instagram for Father’s Day in June, captioning the slideshow, “Pieces of my heart ….. It’s them over anything or anybody.”

Normani Was ‘Terrified’ to Play ‘Wild Side’ for Her Dad

Normani wasn’t afraid to show off her “Wild Side” in her latest Cardi B-assisted hit, but she was certainly “terrified” of showing the song to her father.

The pop star chopped it up with Apple Music 1’s Ebro Darden on Tuesday (Aug. 3) to talk about the single, which debuted at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 4 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs last week. Normani opened up about how her sensual single showcased her range, from being a member of the “multi-cultural,” “very mainstream pop group” Fifth Harmony to a solo “Black female who can do the pop sh–” while getting artists like Cardi, 6LACK and Khalid on her records. But when it comes to the No. 1 fan of her music — her dad — she was hesitant to hit play on “Wild Side.”

“You have no idea. I was so terrified to play this song for my dad… terrified… oh my goodness… avoiding it,” she told Darden. “He kept asking to hear the record because everyone else heard it but he didn’t hear it. And my dad is my biggest fan, like I tell you. … He works night shifts. He hustles for his family, and so to get through the night, sometimes he listens to all my records, and he was dying to listen to this one.”

In an earlier interview with Los Angeles’ Power 106, the 25-year-old artist opened up about how her new music “really saved” her while her mother was going through chemotherapy and radiation after she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. “It got my family through the darkest time of our lives,” she told host Bryhana. And her mother couldn’t help but play the new song for another crucial member of their family regardless of her daughter’s worries.

“And I was just like ‘Dad, um… I’ll play it for you later.’ And eventually my mom ended up playing it for him, and he was like, ‘That sh– is hard,’ he’s like, ‘That sh– is fire,'” she continued. “And he told me all the time, every single day, I kid you not: He’s like ‘Are you ready to take over the world? Are you ready to take over the world?’ He loves the song, he loves the record.”

Watch Normani’s Apple Music 1 interview below.