Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West and More Artists Who Voted on Election Day

While plenty of celebrities made it known that they voted early this year, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez and Kanye West are among those who shared that they voted on Election Day.

Checking in with her Instagram followers from the car after voting, Cardi said, “I voted. It was easy-peasy. The hardest part was getting out of the f—ing car. Go vote, because you will feel like you — I don’t know, it feels good after you voted. You feel like you just did something.”

“¡Yo voté! ¡Vamos America! #Vote #LetsGetLoud #BidenHarris2020,” J. Lo, showing off her “I Voted” sticker in a selfie, tweeted Tuesday afternoon (Nov. 3).

Kanye West, who put himself on the presidential ballot this year, acknowledged that he voted for himself.

“Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it’s for someone I truly trust…me,” he tweeted.

“I didn’t vote for a Democrat or a Republican. I voted for character, decency, justice, TRUTH and TRUST in the leader of our nation,” Camila Cabello, who said she voted for Joe Biden, wrote on Instagram. “I voted for a President that believes in goodness, who will protect the morals and values of this country, and not betray them. I voted for a land of opportunity, regardless of where you come from or what you look like. I voted for someone that believes families belong together and children should be in schools, not cages. I voted for real leadership and a belief in the America I want to see.”

Halsey posted a selfie with her “I Voted” sticker, along with a message: “I am anxious. I’m sure you are too. This is a bandaid. But a necessary action. Empower yourself. Empower others. Empower the memory of those who didn’t have the ability to vote. For your ancestors and for your future. Sending Love. #BidenHarris2020.”

Offset updated his Instagram Stories to share that he voted on Tuesday — and to show how he’s celebrating Election Day.

Carrie Underwood uploaded an image of herself to Instagram Stories, pointing out that she voted.

“Democracy alive and well,” Billy Ray Cyrus, donning a hat announcing that he voted in Tennessee, wrote on Twitter. “God Bless America. #vote.”

Doja Cat took to Instagram Stories to document her day out voting. “Doin it,” she captioned one picture. “Did it,” read the next one.

Ally Brooke chimed in with a Twitter post and a selfie on Tuesday afternoon. “Guess what I just did? It’s not too late! #Vote,” she wrote.

“#vote #usa #proudamerican #everyvotecounts,” country singer Sara Evans wrote on Twitter, sharing a Nov. 3 selfie from the car.

Stay tuned to this article for updates as more stars post about voting throughout the day.

Katy Perry Dressed Up as a Giant ‘I Voted’ Sticker to Help Get Out the Vote

Katy Perry is taking her “I Voted” sticker to another level!

On Monday (Nov. 2), the pop star took to the streets of Los Angeles wearing a giant “I Voted” sticker costume to encourage her fellow Angelenos to make their way to the ballot box.

In the amusing clip, Perry wears the massive headpiece, a blue surgical mask and a crocheted, cream-colored sweater dress while waving down cars and shouting for the drivers to “Go vote!” Later on, she crosses the street to a liquor store, where she has a bit of trouble fitting her gigantic costume through the shop’s doorway.

“TOMORROW IS ELECTION DAY! Tell your mom, tell your dad, tell complete strangers on the street to #VOTENOW #BRINGAFRIEND #BRINGASNACK #TAKEYOURBIKE #buthonkifyoualreadyvoted,” she captioned the post on Instagram along with some lyrics from Smile album track “Not the End of the World.”

It’s not the first time Perry has donned the kooky, civically minded getup. One week before Election Day, she shared another video in the costume as she made her way to the ballot drop box to cast her own vote.


The new mom, who gave birth to daughter Daisy Bloom back in May, has been an outspoken participant during the 2020 election cycle, co-headlining Rock the Vote’s Democracy Summer 2020 concert alongside the Black Eyed Peas, joining Planned Parenthood’s Get Out the Vote campaign and even sharing her own PSAs about the importance of early voting on social media.

See Perry in her “I Voted” costume here.

Selena Gomez Urges Fans to ‘Please, Please Vote in Person’

Selena Gomez wants to help make sure that her fans’ votes are counted. On Election Day (Nov. 3), the “Rare” singer shared a video on her Instagram Stories to urge her fans to head to the polls.

“I know that many of you have voted and I’m so proud and I’m so happy that you did,” she began. “But there’s plenty of other people who haven’t, and I think they don’t plan to.”

“So please don’t use mail-in ballots. Please vote in person at this point if you can, especially in my home town like Texas, and Pennsylvania and Florida,” the Texas native urged followers. The Lone Star State has become a battleground state in the 2020 election, with the potential to go blue. Texas has gone to Republican presidential candidates since the 1976 election.

Gomez then reminded her fans how important it is to cast a ballot. “Your voice matters. So many people think that it doesn’t matter, but other elections have been this close before, so you have to understand that your voice does matter and it’s so important,” she shared before wrapping up her message. “I’m just so thankful that you guys are listening, and I hope that you guys get out there and do everything you can. Please, Please vote in person.”

The singer is just one of many musicians who have used their platforms to try to get out the vote in the presidential election. On Nov. 2, Lady Gaga and John Legend both gave speeches and performed at Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign rallies. And on Nov. 3, Cardi B told fans on social media how good it felt after casting her ballot, while Lizzo shared a revealing photo along with a powerful message on Instagram about voting.

Pearl Jam Lands 14th Top 10 on Billboard’s Album Sales Chart With ‘MTV Unplugged’

On Billboard’s latest Album Sales chart (dated Nov. 7), Pearl Jam captures its 14th top 10, as the group’s MTV Unplugged jumps from No. 37 to No. 7. The surge up the list is due to the album’s Oct. 22 reissue on vinyl, and its first ever release on CD and as a digital download album.

The set sold 12,000 copies in the U.S. in the week ending Oct. 29 (up 286 percent), according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data. In the previous week (ending Oct. 22), the album sold 3,000 copies, mostly from sales of the vinyl LP and digital album on Oct. 22.

Billboard’s Album Sales chart ranks the top-selling albums of the week based only on traditional album sales. The Album Sales chart’s history dates back to May 25, 1991, the first week Billboard began tabulating charts with electronically monitored piece count information from SoundScan, now Nielsen Music/MRC Data. Pure album sales were the measurement solely utilized by the Billboard 200 albums chart through the list dated Dec. 6, 2014, after which that chart switched to a methodology that blends album sales with track equivalent album units and streaming equivalent album units. For all chart news, follow @billboard and @billboardcharts on both Twitter and Instagram.

Breaking down the MTV Unplugged sales picture further: 5,000 copies were sold on CD in the week ending Oct. 29 (up from a negligible sales figure the week previous, likely owed to a handful of sales registered on Oct. 22), 4,000 vinyl LPs were sold (up 212 percent from a little under 1,500 in the week ending Oct. 22) and 3,000 downloads were sold (up 76 percent compared to a little over 1,500 the previous week).

The seven-song MTV Unplugged album was recorded on March 16, 1992, for the MTV TV special of the same name, broadcast on May 13, 1992. The performance was never released commercially in any capacity until 2009, as a DVD video in a deluxe reissue package of the band’s studio album Ten.

The MTV Unplugged album had its first stand-alone commercial release on Nov. 29, 2019, when it was issued on vinyl for Record Store Day’s Black Friday celebration. As noted above, on Oct. 22, 2020, it garnered a reissue on vinyl, as well as its first release on CD and digital download. That same day, the set was also released on streaming services.

All told, Pearl Jam has collected 14 top 10 efforts on the Album Sales chart, dating back to Ten, which peaked at No. 2 in August 1992. Earlier in 2020, the group notched a top 10 with its latest studio album Gigaton, which debuted and peaked at No. 2 on the April 11-dated chart.

Back on the new Album Sales chart, Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You bows at No. 1 with 92,000 copies sold in the week ending Oct. 29. It’s Springsteen’s best sales week since High Hopes launched with 99,000 sold on the Feb. 1, 2014-dated chart. Letter to You is Springsteen’s eighth No. 1 on the Album Sales chart (since the list began on May 25, 1991) and first since High Hopes.

Luke CombsWhat You See Is What You Get re-enters the chart at No. 2 with 22,000 sold (up 1,734 percent) after its deluxe reissue on Oct. 23.

Gorillaz’s new album Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez bows at No. 3 with 20,000 sold — the animated group’s seventh top 10 effort.

Tom Petty’s Wildflowers falls one spot to No. 4 with 14,000 copies (down 62 percent) while NCT’s Resonance, Pt. 1 falls 2-5 with 13,500 (down 66 percent).

Joe Bonamassa’s Royal Tea arrives at No. 6 with 13,000 sold. It also bows at No. 1 on the Blues Albums chart, marking Bonamassa’s record-extending 24th No. 1 on the 25-year-old tally.

Gone-viral father-daughter duo Mat and Savanna Shaw — who drew notices on social media earlier this year after their covers of such songs as “The Prayer” went viral — bows at No. 9 with Picture This. The album sold well in their native Utah (they live in Kaysville, Utah), with 11 percent of its first-week sales coming from the nearby Salt Lake City area.

Rock band Sevendust sees its new album Blood & Stone start at No. 9 with 10,500 sold, while Dolly Parton’s A Holly Dolly Christmas rounds out the top 10, staying steady at No. 10 with 9,000 sold (though up 20 percent).