Demi Lovato Gets Candid About Her Body: ‘I Got the Boobs I Wanted!’

What’s wrong with being confident? Demi Lovato is feeling good about her body, and she’s sharing that positivity on Instagram, where she told fans a “fun fact” about the size of her chest on Friday (Oct. 9).

“Fun fact: I never had boobs until I started eating what I wanted,” Lovato shared. “My whole life I hated my small tittaayyys and then when I finally let go of my eating issues, I GOT THE BOOBS I WANTED!!!”

“this is no push-up bra or boob-job y’all!!! IT’S ALL ME!!” she wrote, referencing a pair of selfies flaunting her cleavage.

Lovato added, “And you know what, they’re gonna change too!!! AND I’LL BE OKAY WITH THAT AS WELL!! But let this be a lesson y’all.. our bodies will do what they are SUPPOSED to when we let go of trying to control what it does for us. Oh the irony.”

The singer has spoken about her history with body image issues in the past. “I used to have people watching me the night before a photo shoot to make sure that I didn’t binge or eat and be swollen the next day,” she said in an interview over the summer. “It’s just a totally different world now.”

In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this year, she revealed, “I struggled really hard with an eating disorder, yes, and that was my primary problem. … I just felt like my life was so — and I hate to use this word — but it felt, like, controlled by so many people around me. If I was in my hotel room at night, they would take the phone out of the hotel room so I couldn’t call room service. Or if there was fruit in my room, they took it out because that’s extra sugar. We’re not talking about brownies and cookies and candies and stuff like that; it was fruit.”

Swipe through to see her showing off her curves in her latest selfies.

Thalia’s 10 Best Songs on the Billboard Charts, In Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

Thirty years ago, a Mexican icon who goes by only one name launched her career. After gaining notoriety in the teen band Timbiriche during the ’80s, Thalía released her self-titled debut album on Oct. 10, 1990. But thanks to constant evolution in style, music and sound, Thalía has remained one of the leading female artists in Latin music.

Thalia’s career started with Timbiriche. The Mexican boy-girl group was like the Mexican Mickey Mouse Club and also served as a launchpad for the careers of artists like Paulina Rubio and Edith Márquez. Following her time in the band, Thalía signed with then Televisa imprint Fonovisa to release her first solo album.

Her partnership with Televisa was also fruitful in the telenovela market. She started to become known outside the borders of Mexico with her starring role in 1992’s Marimar, whose theme song Thalia featured on her third album, Love. It became her first entry on Billboard’s Latin Pop Albums chart (No. 15).

Thalía took her music career to the next level with 1995’s En Éxtasis, her first album in a long partnership with EMI Latin. At the same time, her telenovela Maria La Del Barrio was a global success in syndication in more than 180 countries. The lead single for En Éxtasis, “Piel Morena,” was the first of many anthems for Thalía. The proudly Mexican song on which she highlighted her brown skin peaked at No. 7 on the Hot Latin Songs chart dated Oct. 7, 1995.

“Piel Morena” marked the first of Thalía’s 26 entries on the Hot Latin Songs chart and the first of 12 on the chart’s top 10. Of those, four went to No. 1.

In the digital era, she remains a force as the first Mexican female artist to hit one billion views on YouTube with “No Me Acuerdo,” featuring Dominican reggaetonera Natti Natasha. Beyond music, Thalía’s brand has expanded as a hit personality on social media and now the star of her Facebook Watch reality series, Latin Music Queens.

To celebrate 30 years of Thalía, we look back at her career through 10 of her biggest hits on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart. What a perfect time to be doing so, during Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Entre El Mar y Una Estrella”

Thalía first reached No. 1 on the Hot Latin Songs chart dated June 17, 2000 with “Entre El Mar y Una Estrella,” the lead single from Arrasando. “I remember I was screaming and crying from being super excited,” she told Billboard in a July interview. “I was like, ‘Wow! What a blessing.’ I was looking for a different way to portray Latin music.” Thalía achieved that with this majestic, Lion King-esque ballad that reigns memorably supreme in her vast discography.

“Tú y Yo”

Thalía reached No. 1 again on the Hot Latin Songs chart dated July 20, 2002 with “Tú y Yo,” the lead single from her 2002 self-titled album. Yes, there’s two self-titled albums that exist in Thalia’s discography. In this first collaboration with Colombian producer and songwriter Estéfano, she celebrates an against-all-odds relationship in a fiery performance. The sassy Latin bop was later remixed with a cumbia version featuring A.B. Quintanilla & the Kumbia Kings.

“No Me Enseñaste”

“No Me Enseñaste” topped the chart Oct. 26, 2002,  a one-two punch from her 2002 Thalía album that demonstrated her versatility as an artist who could hit No. 1 with both a ballad and an uptempo track. Another Estéfano production, its sweeping melodies and heartbreak lyrics are perfectly suited for Thalia’s dramatic flair.

“Cerca de Ti”

As if we couldn’t have enough Thalía in our lives, she named her first English crossover album in 2003 after herself. Keeping count, that’s now three self-titled albums in total. Thalia included the Spanish version of “Closer to You” on the album as “Cerca De Ti,” earning her fourth chart-topper on the Hot Latin Songs chart dated Feb. 28, 2004. She co-wrote the cute love song that beams with adoration for her man (most likely her husband Tommy Mottola).

“Amar Sin Ser Amada”

For 2005’s El Sexto Sentido, Thalía teamed up again with Estéfano, who produced and co-wrote most of the album. She led with the single “Amar Sin Ser Amada,” which blended a tango sound with a pop-rock edge. It peaked at No. 2 on the Hot Latin Songs chart; there’s no way she was letting a toxic ex back into life on this kiss-off anthem.

“No, No, No”

Thalía’s Latin pop sound was blended with bachata music on “No, No, No” featuring Aventura frontman Romeo Santos. The duet that was released as a single from El Sexto Sentido Re+Loaded and reached No. 4 on the Hot Latin Songs chart in 2006. The chemistry between the Mexican icon and the King of Bachata was undeniable. Santos pines for Thalía’s love as she tries to fend off his advances. “No, No, No” will always be a “Yes, Yes, Yes” in her songbook.

“Te Perdiste Mi Amor”

After experiencing success in the bachata market with Romeo Santos, Thalía teamed up with another bachatero, Dominican-American pop star Prince Royce for “Te Perdiste Mi Amor.” The song was released as a single from 2012’s Habítame Siempre, Thalia’s first studio album with Sony Music Latin. She once again reached No. 4 on the Hot Latin Songs chart in 2013. Thalía and Royce proved to be an adorable duo on this sweet duet.

“Amor a La Mexicana”

Thalía helped globalize and popularize Mexican culture with her 1997 album Amor a La Mexicana and its title track. On the proudly Mexican-themed anthem, producer Emilio Estefan, Jr. blended her Latin pop sound with mariachi music. “Amor a La Mexicana” peaked at No. 6 on the Hot Latin Songs chart. No Hispanic Heritage Month playlist is complete without this signature Thalía hit.

“¿A Quién Le Importa?”

Thalía strengthened her bond with the LGBTQ+ community by covering “¿A Quién Le Importa?” on her 2002 self-titled album. Estéfano helped her reimagine the Alaska y Dinarama classic for the club scene. The black-and-white music video was shot in a gay club in New York City and, way ahead of its time, featured transgender icon Amanda Lepore.

“[The LGBTQ+ community has] always been supportive of my career since the beginning,” she told Billboard in July. “I’ve stayed true to my message in my fashion, my statements and my music: to be yourself, to love yourself, to not be afraid to put yourself out there no matter who judges you and to believe in yourself no matter the obstacles in the way.” The empowering anthem peaked at No. 9 on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

“I Want You”

On this list, we give honorable mentions to “Piel Morena” and the Primera Fila standout “Equivocada.” Those singles peaked at No. 7 and No. 8 on the Hot Latin Songs chart respectively. We jump ahead to Thalía’s crossover hit “I Want You,” the lead single from her 2003 English crossover album. She teamed up with Nuyorican rapper Fat Joe on the breezy bop that famously sampled Brenda Russell’s “A Little Bit of Love.” Their collaboration peaked at No. 22 on the Hot 100 chart, while the Spanish version, “Me Pones Sexy,” reached No. 9 on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

No Doubt Commemorates 25th Anniversary of ‘Tragic Kingdom’: ‘It’s Bittersweet’

No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani, Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal, and Adrian Young all posted tributes to Tragic Kingdom on the album’s 25th anniversary on Saturday (Oct. 10).

Tragic Kingdom, which was released on Oct. 10, 1995 and featured breakout singles including “Just a Girl,” “Spiderwebs” and “Don’t Speak,” peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in Dec. 1996, more than a year after its release.

“I can’t believe it’s been 25 years, in some ways it feels like yesterday, in some ways it feels like a distant dream,” Dumont wrote on Instagram, where he shared a long note and a group photo taken in Honolulu, Hawaii, in October 1995.

He recalled joining the band in 1988, releasing their first album in 1992 and starting to work on Tragic Kingdom in 1993 while they were in college.

“What I remember most is that despite the challenges, it was a very creative and magical time,” he said. “Gwen, Adrian, Tony and I had real chemistry as bandmates and collaborators, and we discovered our voices as we wrote & recorded those songs together. I appreciate the friendships and camaraderie we shared in those years. We were passionate about our music, and the fact that Tragic Kingdom has touched so many people around the world is beyond what I could have ever imagined.”

“Sometimes great things fall apart, which is a shame,” said Dumont. “Yet here we are, 25 years later. It is what it is, & I keep trying to make peace with that. I’m especially grateful to all those who helped us along the way, and most of all to those of you who enjoyed Tragic Kingdom and came out to the shows over the years. I’d love to do one more No Doubt tour, but it feels like that ain’t gonna happen. It’s bittersweet. In any case, what great memories, thanks all.”

On her own Instagram account, Stefani shared another old No Doubt snapshot and simply wrote, “thanks for 25 years.”

“We had no idea what was going to happen when we were writing these songs,” Kanal wrote on his post about the group’s classic album. “Through all of the fun and challenging times, we were just a group of friends on a mission to express ourselves musically. Sometimes It felt like it was us against the world but our love for our band got us through it all.”

“Every part of this album was real as f—,” he said. “The writing, the recording, the touring, the shows, doing press. All filled with joy, rawness, discovery, excitement, heartache, exhaustion, gratification and beauty. No amount of time that passes will diminish the things we accomplished and experienced together.

“To everyone that embraced Tragic Kingdom and made it a part of their lives, you have my never ending appreciation and gratitude. You guys are incredible. You gave us the fuel to continue creating, keep playing, write more songs and release more albums. Happy 25th Tragic Kingdom to us all,” he said to their fans.

Young agreed in his social media tribute to Tragic Kingdom: “25 years ago today, we released Tragic Kingdom. We had no idea that our lives were about to dramatically change as a result. Thank you to those who have shared this crazy and spectacular ride with us! Knowing that this record has touched so many of your lives makes the recognition of this day that much more special!”

Look back at Billboard’s track-by-track review of Tragic Kingdom, which was originally published in honor of another milestone, its 20th anniversary.

Did Ariana Grande’s Producer Just Tease Her Upcoming Album?

On Saturday (Oct. 10), Tommy Brown — better known as Grammy-nominated producer TBHits — shared a throwback photo with Ariana Grande from October 2018. That was the same month when the pair, with others, finished Grande’s Billboard 200 No. 1 album thank u, next.

This time around, Brown posted it with the caption: “6****,” leading fans into a frenzy over the status of the pop star’s next album. So far, fans are guessing the four asterisks stand for anything from “days” to “rings.”

Earlier this week, #AG6 started trending on Twitter after Grande tweeted about turning in new mixes — and reminding fans to vote.

Most recently, Brown worked on two Blackpink tracks — “Ice Cream” (featuring Selena Gomez) and “Bet You Wanna” (featuring Cardi B) — as well as the Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper collab “Holy.”

Check out his post on Instagram.

Sia Reveals the Inspiration Behind the Adoption of Her Teenage Sons

Sia is opening up about why she decided to adopt her two 18-year-old boys last year.

In the October cover story for Vogue Australia, the “Together” singer, 44, says she was inspired to adopt her sons after seeing one of them while watching a documentary.

“I am obsessed with reality television and documentaries, and I watched a documentary and saw my son,” she told the magazine.

Sia added that she was touched by the story after realizing that the boy had no family of his own.

“I was like, ‘What? Like, he doesn’t have anybody. Oh my god. I’m going to find him and I’m going to be his mummy.’ And so that’s what I did,” she said.

Earlier this year, Sia announced during an interview with SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash-Up that she adopted the two boys in 2019 to save them from aging out of the foster care system.

The singer tells Vogue Australia that being a mother is “the best thing I’ve ever done,” but also admits that her journey into motherhood has been challenging.

“It’s one of the hardest, but I have obviously such an overflow of love that I could definitely see myself doing it again, but not for a while,” Sia said, adding that she’s looking into fostering infants.

“Maybe [their mother] is drug-addicted and then I could help look after them until, you know, their mum can get back on the wagon or an adoptive home is found. If I can do that then I think I’ll feel like I’m superhuman.”

Elle King and Boyfriend Get Engaged After Proposing to Each Other While Gold Panning

Congratulations are in order for Elle King and her new fiancé Dan Tooker, who recently got engaged.

The 31-year-old soul-singer took to Instagram on Friday (Oct. 9) to share the romantic story of the couple’s mountaintop proposal in New Mexico, noting that she and Tooker had the same plan in mind about popping the big question.

“Today is our 1 year anniversary. We rode horses up a mountain to go gold panning. I had a ring in my pocket and I was going to toss it in the gold pan and propose to @tattooker … but of course, my soulmate beat me to the punch and proposed to me the exact same way,” King captioned the post. “So I immediately got down on my knee too. I love you Daniel. 1 year down, forever to go. I said Yes by the way and so did he!”

The “Ex’s & Oh’s” singer’s post included numerous photos from the experience, including a shot of the couple smooching on their horses and a close-up of her beautiful engagement ring.

She also shared a video from the proposal, where she excitedly announced, “Dan just proposed to me the same way I proposed to him!” Tooker, a tattoo artist, playfully added, “Beat her to it.”

See her full IG post here.

King, the daughter of comedian Rob Schneider, was previously married to Andrew Ferguson. The two secretly wed just three weeks after meeting in 2016.