New York Philharmonic Cancels Season Due to Coronavirus

The New York Philharmonic canceled the rest of its season and a 10-concert European tour due to the new coronavirus, estimating it will have $10 million in operating losses to its $87 million annual budget because of the pandemic.

The Philharmonic said the salaries of 106-unionized orchestra players will be cut to minimum scale for April and 75% of minimum scale through May.

Health benefits will be continued through the current contract’s expiration on Sept. 20.Due to declines in the financial markets, the Philharmonic said its endowment dropped from $210 million this year to less than $180 million last week.

Possible furloughs and pay cuts for its 113-person administrative staff are being evaluated.

The Philharmonic’s season at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts runs through June 13.

The six-city tour was to have been from April 30 to May 12.As part of an agreement with local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians, the philharmonic will be able to use its media archives on a free portal, NY Phil Plays On.No decision has been made on June concerts in New York City parks and July concerts in China and Vail, Colorado.


‘The Voice’: Contestants Engage In ‘Battle’ to Tina Turner’s ‘The Best’

Let the battle begin. And battle they did, with Joei Fulco and Todd Michael Hall going toe-to-toe on Monday night’s episode of The Voice as the Battle Round kicked off.

In the opening battle of the night, coach Blake Shelton pitted Joei and Todd against each other for a full-voiced challenge to Tina Turner’s motivational classic “The Best.” Both made the best of it.

“Both of you were fantastic,” John Legend noted afterwards.

“That performance was like 10 shots of caffeine,” remarked Nick Jonas. “This was a really fun performance.”

In the end, there were no losers. Just winners. “Both of you deserve to be here,” Shelton explained, as he selected Joei to progress. And in a daring moment, he used his one save on Todd, beating Kelly Clarkson to the punch. “I actually think Todd can thrive in the four-way knockouts,” the country star said. “I would not want to go up against you.”

The Battle Round continues next week on NBC. Watch the performance below.

‘The Voice’ Recap: Battle Round Begins

The Battle Round began Monday on NBC’s The Voice season 18. Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas and John Legend were joined by celebrity advisers Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, Kevin and Joe Jonas and Ella Mai, respectively. This season implemented a new rule for the round. Saves can only be used in the event of there not being a bid for a steal, and the saves will also have to all compete in a four-way knockout at the end of the round.

The first battle came from Team Blake and Rexha. Shelton pitted Joei Fulco and Todd Tilghman against each other for a performance of Tina Turner’s “The Best.” Rexha was impressed by their upper registers and worked with them to really blend their voices well. It yielded a cohesive Battle performance where neither artist really stood out, but both sounded strong. Shelton decided to keep Fulco on his team. Clarkson waited too long to make a bid at stealing him, so Shelton was able to then use his save right away on Tilghman. It was an odd choice, since each coach only has one opportunity to save, but Shelton clearly wanted to keep both of these two on his team.

Team Kelly was up next, and Clarkson chose Anaya Cheyenne and Chelle to sing “Scared to Be Lonely.” She worked with the powerhouse indie-pop singers on the ad libs, and in the final performance, Cheyenne stood out. They both showcased strengths, but Clarkson indeed went with Cheyenne as the winner, and Chelle was eliminated.

It was Jonas’ first time in the Battle round, and for his first pairing, he chose Roderick Chambers and Joanna Serenko to sing “When the Party’s Over” by Billie Eilish. The full Jonas Brothers crew helped the artists prepare their performance, working with them on dynamics and momentum. They gave a standout performance, playing to their strengths but also working together. In the end, Jonas kept Chambers, but Legend used his only steal of the round to snag Serenko.

Team Legend’s first Battle was between Mike Jerel and Zach Day, who sang “Adorn” by Miguel. It was a complex vocal, but the two artist rose to the occasion, Legend pushing them to really showcase their range. The song suited Jerel more, however, and Legend indeed picked him as the winner.

Shelton next paired Levi Watkins and Jamal Corrie, who are in the same lane on his team. They sang “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic, which Shelton thought was well suited for their similar sounds. Corrie was the more seasoned entertainer, but they gave a great performance together, with Watkins incorporating some of the vocal tips from Rexha. Watkins ended up delivering the stronger vocal, and Shelton picked him as the winner.

The final Battle of the night came from Team Nick. Michael Williams and Allegra Miles sang “How Will I Know,” and the Jonas Brothers worked with them on their dynamics and harmonies. Their final performance was emotional and vocally impressive — the best of the episode. Jonas chose Miles as the winner, but then he used his one save on Williams.

The Battle Round continues next week on NBC.

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Finneas Launches New Podcast With Girlfriend Claudia Sulewski

In Finneas’ words, “If you spend long enough social distancing, you start a podcast.”

That’s right, the 22-year-old crooner and his girlfriend, YouTube star Claudia Sulewski, are keeping themselves (and their fans) entertained amid the coronavirus crisis by starting their own podcast. The series, titled We Bought a House, is fitting, as the couple recently moved in to a new home together.

“Claudia and I have been talking about doing this for MONTHS and we’re so excited to launch ‘We Bought a House,'” Finneas shared on Instagram, adding that the duo will be releasing new episodes every Monday. From the teaser shared, Finneas and Claudia will be touching on every topic from the worst thing about living together to Olive Garden’s breadsticks.

See their announcement below, and check out the first episode, “We bought a house and we can’t leave it,” here. 

Texas’ Ubbi Dubbi Dance Festival Has Been Postponed Due to Coronavirus

The annual dance festival Ubbi Dubbi, which was scheduled to happen in Arlington, Texas, on April 18-19, has been canceled due to coronavirus. The festival was scheduled to host a barrage of dance acts including Kaskade, Gryffin, Illenium and CamelPhat.

“We looked at multiple options to produce a safe event during the Summer, but thought it was best to concentrate on providing a supersized event in the Fall,” reads a statement from event organizers that was released today (March 23).

Instead of canceling completely, Ubbi Dubbi is joining up with the October Texas festival Freaky Deaky for a show called Ubbi Dubbi Gets Freaky Deaky. This event is on the calendar for October 30-31, 2020 at the Houston Raceway Park. The lineup will be entirely new and not composed of artists that had been set to play Ubbi Dubbi. Both Ubbi Dubbi and Freaky Deaky are produced by longstanding dance music promoter Disco Donnie Presents.

Fans who purchased tickets for Ubbi Dubbi are able to transfer them for the October event, or receive a refund.


Watch These Montreal Residents Sing Leonard Cohen’s ‘So Long, Marianne’ From Their Balcony

In this period of social distancing, people are finding fun new ways to keep themselves entertained. A popular global activity that’s been bringing people together has been balcony sing-alongs.

In a sweet new video from Montreal resident Frank Jofo, a group of creatives in the apartment above him are seen playing guitar and joyously singing along to Leonard Cohen’s 1967 hit, “So Long, Marianne.”

Just last week, a group of Spanish musicians performed a heartfelt rendition of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” on their balconies amid coronavirus lockdown in Barcelona, Spain. Watch it here.

Troy Carter’s Q&A to Host Virtual Music Panels All Week With Top Industry Executives

As the coronavirus pandemic continues negatively impacting the music industry, Troy Carter and J. Erving’s music and technology company Q&A will hold special virtual panels all week to “discuss the state of music and other industry insights,” it was announced Monday (March 23).

The virtual sessions will run from 4-5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday on the video conferencing app Zoom, featuring a Carter-curated panel of industry luminaries. They include Erving; Motown Records president Ethiopia Habtemariam; Live Nation Urban president Shawn Gee; Capitol Records senior vp global creative Amber Grimes; Warner Chappell A&R president, U.S. Ryan Press; Q&A co-founder, president and chief strategy officer Suzy Ryoo and director of digital platform strategy Maria Gironas; Beat House founder Tiffany Kumar and Granderson Des Rochers LLP partner Damien Granderson.

You can join the panel by clicking here. The Zoom meeting ID number is 4214134928.