Here Are the Lyrics to Surfaces’ ‘Sunday Best’

Surfaces don their “Sunday Best” for their career-best hit on the Billboard Hot 100. The duo, comprised of Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki, make their official debut on the chart by cruising into No. 98 (chart dated March 14).

Frank and Padalecki co-wrote and -produced the summery song together, and the two transform a drab office into a fab vacation hot spot in the cheeky accompanying visual.

Check out the feel-good lyrics and music video below.

Feeling good, like I should
Went and took a walk around the neighborhood
Feeling blessed, never stressed
Got that sunshine on my Sunday best

Everyday can be a better day despite the challenge
All you gotta do is leave it better than you found it
It’s gonna get difficult to stand but hold your balance
I just say whatever cause there is no way around it ’cause

Everyone falls down sometimes
But you just gotta know it’ll all be fine
It’s ok, uh-huh
It’s ok, it’s ok

Feeling good, like I should
Went and took a walk around the neighborhood
Feeling blessed, never stressed
Got that sunshine on my Sunday best

Somedays you wake up and nothing works you feel surrounded
Gotta give your feet some gravity to get you grounded
Keep good things inside your ears just like the waves and sound did
And just say whatever cause there is no way around it

Everyone falls down sometimes
But you just gotta know it’ll all be fine
It’s ok, uh-huh
It’s ok, it’s ok

Feeling good, like I should
Went and took a walk around the neighborhood
Feeling blessed, never stressed
Got that sunshine on my Sunday best

Feeling good, like I should
Went and took a walk around the neighborhood
Feeling blessed, never stressed
Got that sunshine on my Sunday best

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Written by: Forrest Frank, Colin Padalecki

Here Are the Lyrics to G Herbo’s ‘PTSD,’ Feat. Chance the Rapper, Juice WRLD & Lil Uzi Vert

G Herbo takes over the No. 38 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 (chart dated March 14) with his recurring superstar lineup of Chance the Rapper, Juice WRLD and Lil Uzi Vert on the titular track of his PTSD album.

PTSD, which currently sits at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 chart, unravels the 24-year-old MC’s post-traumatic stress disorder in a wide-open body of work that exposes the wounds of his childhood. And it’s no different in the “PTSD” track, where fellow Chicago rappers Chance and the late Juice vouch for G Herbo’s horrifying hometown memories and Lil Uzi empathizes with their trauma.

G Herbo honored Juice after the 21-year-old hip-hop star’s sudden death Dec. 8 from an accidental overdose with this posthumous feature and his portrait as a star on the tattered American flag for the PTSD album artwork. “I think about him every day — I swear, I think about him every day,” he told Billboard in a recent interview. “I lost so many homies, I’m no stranger to death, but I catch myself thinking about him. I think about the fact I’ve been losing homies all my life, but how he has a strong effect on me. I just feel like he had a greater purpose.”

Check out the lyrics below.

(D.A. got that)
(D.A. got that dope)

I turn the news on when I smell death in the air
I prove you wrong, I made it out of here
I don’t belong, I see my past everywhere
Don’t stand too close to me, eternal PTSD
I got a warzone inside of my head
I made it on my own, they said I’d be in jail or dead
I’ve seen my brothers fall, over and over again
Don’t stand too close to me, I got PTSD

I was hittin’ bangs like Chief Keef
Always yelling names that’s deceased
I go off my mind and my instinct
Shootin’ at the same time, we was in sync
On the same thing, tryna repeat
We was in them whips, right back on the enemies
Stuffed on my last hit, I was in the middle seat
F— it out the sunroof, brodie got a quick release
And we in a car real fast, f— police
Shots fired back but his a– in the street
When I bought a forty, showed Brittany and Tiffany
Knowing if they call, it ain’t sh– they can’t get from me
Lot of warfare 17 had a 50 piece
Flexed on n—as so you know they wanna kill a G (royalty)
Posted in the hood with some Bentley keys (loyalty)
Roc died, showed ‘em what it really mean
I can’t sleep ’cause it’s a warzone in my head
My killas good, they know I’m hands on with the bread
A million dollars ahead, I’m still angry and seeing red
How the f— I’m ‘posed to have fun? All my n—as dead

I turn the news on when I smell death in the air
I prove you wrong, I made it out of here
I don’t belong, I see my past everywhere
Don’t stand too close to me, eternal PTSD
I got a warzone inside of my head
I made it on my own, they said I’d be in jail or dead
I’ve seen my brothers fall, over and over again
Don’t stand too close to me, I got PTSD

Used to run home from the train stop
Runnin’ so fast dodgin’ raindrops
‘Member got robbed at the park once
‘Member thinkin’ that that bi— probably ain’t caught
‘Member I was with my mama one time, seen a n—a through the glass
Hit a n—a with a bankshot
Point blank, head hanging off his tank top
Walked off, we drove off, went to GameStop (skrrt)
Quiet ride there, picked up San Andreas
Certain things we ain’t talk about, mama, we just prayed off
We seen it all, don’t get involved
Carry the weight of the world like a shawl
Conceal and revealing to people in court
I still can feel it, I know that the world is evil
In case you thought a n—a forgot it
When my homie was bleeding out, another homie went in his pockets
Please do not run up on me, not even as fans
N—as get fanned down on the Dan Ryan
I’m flyin’, I’m scary as hell, I need me a Xan, ah

The days seem long as life gets shorter
We know sex, drugs, money, all in that order
Ain’t no structure, no peace, we’ve lost our order
Leaving me with anxiety, f—ing up my sobriety (Lil Uzi Vert, yeah)

It’s a warzone layin’ inside my head
I still think about all my n—as that’s dead
I’m too paranoid, yeah, I know you heard what I said
I’m too paranoid, I make sure all my opps they bled
Drainin’ all my energy, no, I cannot sleep, uh-huh
I’m affected by the streets, no appetite, I can’t eat
I only see red when I see, I think it’s my PTSD (gang)
I think it’s my PTSD (whoa), I think it’s my PTSD, yeah

I turn the news on when I smell death in the air

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Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

Written by: Herbert Wright, Jarad Higgins, Chancellor Bennett, Symere Woods, David Doman

Billie Eilish’s ‘Everything I Wanted’ Was Originally About a Much Darker Subject

In late 2019, Billie Eilish unveiled “everything i wanted,” her tribute to her brother Finneas. The tune features sweet lyrics in the chorus, “As long as I’m here / No one can hurt you,” but in a New York Times profile, the teen superstar admits that the song wasn’t always so reassuring.

Eilish got inspiration for the song a year prior, when she had a dream about taking her own life. When she took the idea to her brother, he became uncomfortable with the worrying topic. “We had this big argument,” she told the publication, “Because I admitted something that I was, uh. It wasn’t a physical thing I was admitting. I don’t know how to put it without actually saying it, and I don’t want to actually say it. But it was me admitting to something that was very serious about my depression. A very serious step that I was admitting that I was planning on taking. And Finneas said, I don’t want to write a song about you killing yourself and how that’s everything you wanted!”

Finneas, who was also present during the interview, gave his perspective on the troubling situation. “It was a period where I was really worried about my sister, and I felt like an enabler in helping her write a song as bleak as that song was,” he said. “Like the musical equivalent of giving an alcoholic another beer: ‘I’m not going to support this.’ A lot of songs are written in retrospect, but this one felt like it was being written in real time, and I was like: ‘This is something we’ve got to write on the other side of this hill. We have to go through this in real life. You can’t always solve your problems in a song.’”

The article also touched on Eilish’s longtime depression, which sparked when she ruptured the growth plate in her hip and was forced to quit dancing, an activity she wholeheartedly enjoyed. When she achieved fame, she felt a big ill equipped to deal with the negative sides of it. “I had to quit the choir, and I lost all my friends, then I didn’t want to do drugs, and I lost all my other friends because they did,” she explained. “Then I had kind of no one.”

When the sibling duo revisited “everything i wanted” a year later, Eilish approached it with a different perspective. “My argument, which I think was the thing that made my mom and Finneas finally go, ‘Oh, OK,’ is I said: ‘This song is the way I can feel these things without doing something to myself.'”

“Finneas and I both had the idea to make the song about each other, instead of just me and how I was feeling,” she continued, which is made evident in the song, where lyrics like “Thought I could fly / So I stepped off the Golden” are met with countered camaraderie such as, “But when I wake up, I see / You with me.”

“We had a complete block,” she said. “and the way we got through it was to make it about us as siblings and what we mean to each other.”

Read the full piece here, and listen to “everything i wanted” below.

Fan Meet-and-Greet? Amid Coronavirus, Artists Are Saying ‘No Thanks’

At each of the shows on his current North American tour, K-pop artist Eric Nam shakes hands, hugs and poses for photos with up to 200 fans who have purchased meet-and-greet packages. But as fears of the coronavirus outbreak continue to mount, he’s now implementing a strict “no-touching” rule — for his own safety, as well as that of his fans.

“Obviously, there is a lot of concern,” says his manager and brother, Eddie Nam of EN Management. “But we didn’t want to take away the entire experience. So now, people are taking photos in front of him.”

With the global count of confirmed coronavirus cases now soaring past 125,000, according to the World Health Organization, dozens of artists have canceled tour dates in an effort to reduce contagion. This afternoon (March 12), Billboard reported that Live Nation and AEG are preparing to pause all tours globally. But artists who are soldiering on face another problem: How to safely approach fan interactions.

Meet-and-greets have become an increasingly prevalent option for touring acts as artists, agents and managers continue to grapple with how to price tickets and VIP experiences for fans. But now, many acts are calling off meet-and-greets altogether. KISS, for one, temporarily canceled the practice on the band’s multi-year End of the Road farewell tour, with tentative plans to resume those interactions on April 24 in San Salvador.

At its tour dates in Nottingham, England, and Cardiff, Wales, this week, The Script begged fans not to wait for them outside the venue. “Venue security are telling us we can’t go outside due to the Corona virus [sic],” band members wrote on Twitter. “Please don’t stay in the cold, we’ll see U all again soon.”

And on March 4, Universal Music Group Germany canceled a Niall Horan fan meet-and-greet in Cologne two days before it was to happen. “Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to health and safety concerns related to the coronavirus,” reads an email (translated to English) that the label sent attendees, who had won their tickets through a competition, on March 2.

“The saddest thing about it is that one day after our meet-and-greet was supposed to happen, there was still a secret session in London with Niall which wasn’t canceled,” German fan Aylin Scheussler, who was supposed to attend, told Billboard in a Twitter message. “I have been a fan since [I was] nine years [old], so you can imagine how heartbreaking it is.”

Depending on whether ticket holders are entitled to refunds, artists who cancel meet-and-greets might be forfeiting a hefty chunk of their touring income. KISS refunded all canceled meet-and-greet tickets purchased from their official website, a customer service representative confirmed — that’s $4,000 a pop for the highest VIP tier, which included a private backstage meet-and-greet after watching the whole show from the pit.

And things get even more expensive on the secondary market. A VIP package for Lady Gaga’s Enigma Las Vegas residency in April, which includes a meet-and-greet and personal photo with the star, is going for $6,600 per person on StubHub. And tickets to meet “a member of” Mötley Crüe while at the band’s Philadelphia show in August cost $6,000 each on StubHub.

Want to snap a photo with Justin Bieber while attending his Changes Tour date in Salt Lake City in June? Single tickets are slightly more affordable, starting at $1,499 on Ticketmaster. The highest-tier meet-and-greet package for Billie Eilish’s April date at Los Angeles’ The Forum costs $3,502 per ticket on Ticketmaster.

Eddie Nam says that his brother is offering full refunds for any fans who feel uncomfortable attending the concert due to the threat of the coronavirus: “He wants fans to be safe.” The refund offer extends to meet-and-greet ticket-holders, who ponied up $150 each to take one photo with Eric in addition to gaining general admission entrance to the show.

And while Eric has yet to cancel a gig on his 30-date tour in North America and Latin America due to coronavirus, Eddie says the team is prepared to do so pending advice from promoters, venues and local officials. “It’s never really ‘this show must go on,’ like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street,” he says. “We’re monitoring and making sure, ‘Are we good?’”

Coronavirus is impacting meet-and-greets across industries, too. WWE is reportedly implementing a “no-touching” policy at all its fan meet-and-greet events with wrestlers, and wrestling stars like Sasha Banks and the boxer Floyd Mayweather have been pictured greeting fans in latex gloves. Earlier this month, the National College Players Association urged all colleges and the N.C.A.A. to cancel events that put players in close contact with the public, including, of course, meet-and-greets.

Despite a spate of tour, festival and conference cancellations, though, at least some artists are still meeting face-to-face with fans on the road. Prince Royce’s ALTER EGO Tour continues on to The Forum in Inglewood, California, Thursday night, where fans with VIP packages will meet the Dominican star backstage for a photo, party and toast before the show.

And Highly Suspect frontman Johnny Stevens says the rock band is doing everything it can to keep meeting fans while touring the U.K.

“We are here for the fans, to provide distraction from fear,” he says. “I enjoy going right into the middle of the audience and embracing our fans. If we let fear win, then we have already died. Wash your hands and come play.”


Billie Eilish Postpones March Tour Dates Due to Coronavirus

Billie Eilish is taking precaution to keep her and her fans safe as the coronavirus continues to spread. The songstress announced on Thursday (March 12) that her Where Do We Go? tour dates for the rest of the month have been postponed.

“I’m so sad to do this but we need to postpone these dates to keep everyone safe,” she said in a press statement. “We’ll let you know when they can be rescheduled. Please keep yourselves healthy. I love you.”

The 11 affected dates include shows in Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Indianapolis and more.

The news comes following an update by Live Nation, which announced on earlier in the day that it is recognizing large gatherings around the world are being canceled and the company will be postponing current touring arena shows through the end of the month.

See Eilish’s announcement, plus the postponed tour dates, below.


Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne Are Making a Surprise Sitcom Appearance: All the Details

The coronavirus and his personal health concerns might have put a damper on Ozzy Osbourne’s 2020 plans, but metal’s most legendary couple aren’t leaving the spotlight anytime soon. While most of America might be house-confined by next week, Ozzy and Sharon won’t be too far off. They’re set to hit ABC’s Tuesday night lineup, guesting on a brand-new episode of The Conners.

On the sitcom’s upcoming episode — titled “Beards, Thrupples and Robots” — Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne will guest as themselves alongside leading stars John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson and Michael Fishman. It’s not yet known how exactly they’ll figure into the plot, but TV Guide points out Gilbert’s relationship with Sharon from their time on The Talk could lead to some cheeky inside jokes.

Here’s how ABC sums up “Beards, Thrupples and Robots”:

“Harris is the boss of Darlene after her mom, desperate for money, gets a job at Price Warehouse. Jackie decides to take her “thrupple” relationship with Ron and Janelle (guest stars Clark Gregg and Jennifer Grey) to the next level. Everyone makes fun of Ben’s appearance after he shaves his beard in an attempt to appear more clean-cut to potential advertisers for the magazine.”

The new episode premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

Major Labels Ask Employees to Work From Home Due to Coronavirus

The major record companies are advising employees to telecommute effective immediately due to the coronavirus.

Universal Music Group’s New York staffers are already telecommuting, while a full implementation of all U.S. offices, including Nashville and Los Angeles, will take place by March 18. Offices will remain open but employees are being told to work from home. This follows offices in the U.K. and some European countries that had already switched to telecommuting, following advice from local health authorities.

At Sony Music Group, employees in the New York, Miami and Nashville offices are required to work from home, while Los Angeles staffers may work from home, if they choose.

Warner Music Group staffers in all U.S. offices are working from home starting Thursday (March 12) and the policy becomes mandatory from Monday onwards.

The moves come a day after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic.

Following that announcement, and as U.S. cases continued to rise, a wave of closures swept across the U.S. and elsewhere, including Live Nation and AEG recommending cessation of all touring and the NBA suspending its season.