Review: Marshmello Can’t Escape Monotony on ‘Joytime II’

The ascent of Marshmello, a young electronic producer known as much for his goofy helmet (white, cylindrical, two X's for the eyes) as his chart success (four Top 40 hits in the past seven months, upward of 2 billion total streams), shows the enduring importance of arena-scale dance music in the pop landscape.

EDM's fortunes have waned, it's true. But as producers who ruled the charts in

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Hear Wet’s New Rostam-Produced Song ‘You’re Not Wrong’

Boston indie-pop act Wet drafted former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij to produce their jovial new song "You're Not Wrong."

The multi-instrumentalist adds a classic soul flair with his stomping, staccato piano chords and stuttering, funky drum groove. Singer-writer Kelly Zutrau croons

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The ‘Queer Eye’ Cast Selects Five Fab Songs for LGBTQ Pride Month

Throughout the mid-2000s, Emmy Award-winning makeover show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy enriched the lives of many a slovenly New York resident. Yet over a decade since its final season, the show got a more flexible reboot in the 2018 series Queer Eye, which debuted this Feburary on Netflix. Now set in the lush state of Georgia, a new generation of pals with roots in

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